• Temporary Showhomes

      All Showhomes/Marketing Suites exist purely to promote and sell the living units within a chosen development. They do this by furnishing a specific unit as though it were for living, contemporary living. They are kept relatively simple and clean but are highly designed. Many finishing touches such as light switches and exotic plants are included but the clutter of everyday life, and any identifying signs of individuality, are left out. These environments existence as 'non-place' centres around the constructed contradiction of the spaces actual function, as a showroom, as opposed to the spaces designed function, as an environment for contemporary living. Consequently, the objects are extremely familiar and recognizable yet untouched and untouchable. We do not and are not encouraged to sit on the sofa, lie on the bed or read the books on the shelves. Therefore, we are discouraged from spending any real time in there. In short, we conform to their rules because of the way in which they are presented to us.

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