• Parco Sud

      Commission, Milan. 2008

      The Parco Sud Milan commission took place between June 3rd and June 14th 2008 and was in collaboration with Connecting Cultures, Academia di Brera School of Photography, Famu, Academy of Film Photography and the Performing Arts Prague and eCPR (European Centre for Photographic research) University of Wales, Newport. Research staff in Photography were invited to respond and to extend the visual representation and understanding of a particular terrain surrounding the south of Milan, known as Parco Sud. Historically this area has been represented by the “Archivio dello Spazio“ currently housed at the Museum of Photography “Villa Ghirlanda-Cinisello Balsamo” and features well known figures of Italian photography such as Basilico and Ghirri. This collection formed the basis and starting point for this research. Based in the heart of Parco Sud at Cascina Forestina and Cascina Isola de Maria, the research group were able to experience a deeper understanding of the terrain and all it’s complexities. Further information and the development of interdisciplinary projects can be found at www.imaginingparcosud.org

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